Willem Buiter: On the Air, Selected Interviews and Presentations

"Why Bitcoin & Crypto Is Not The Future," interview, Going Underground on RT, 20 February 2021.

Santelli Exchange: Unsustainable Federal Debt and ‘Helicopter’ Money, 19 December 2019, CNBC.

"Citi's Buiter: No Great Dollar Dysfunctionality in U.S. - China Trade War," Bloomberg interview, 23 September 2019

Current perspectives on inflation and unemployment in the euro area and advanced economies. Panel discussion, with Mark Carney, Dennis Snower and Lawrence H. Summers. Forum on inflation and low employment in Europe. European Central Bank. Sintra, Portugal, 22 May 2015.

"Removing the Lower Bound on Interest Rates," Vox CEPR interview, London, 18 May 2015.

"Citigroup's Buiter: Gold is Equivalent to Shiny Bitcoin," Bloomberg interview, 1 December 2014.