Books by Willem Buiter
  1. Central Banks as Fiscal Actors; the Drivers of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Space, forthcoming Cambridge University Press.

  2. Financial Markets and European Monetary Cooperation: The Lessons of the 92-93 ERM Crisis, with Giancarlo Corsetti and Paolo Pesenti, Cambridge University Press, 1998.

  3. International Macroeconomics, Oxford University Press, 1990.

  4. Principles of Budgetary and Financial Policy, Harvester Wheatsheaf Books, Ltd., 1990 and MIT Press, 1990.

  5. Macroeconomic Theory and Stabilization Policy, Manchester University Press, 1989 and University of Michigan Press, 1990.

  6. Budgetary Policy, International and Intertemporal Trade in the Global Economy, North-Holland, 1989.

  7. Temporary Equilibrium and Long-Run Equilibrium, Yale PhD Thesis, 1975, Garland Publishing, Inc., New York, 1979. Republished in Routledge Revivals, March 16, 2014.

Edited Volume:

International Economic Policy Coordination, with R. Marston, Cambridge University Press, 1984.